Shipment Checklist: Steps to Success for In-Home Delivery Carriers

Before Pickup

  • Take a minute to understand order details, including:
    • Item characteristics in the listing
    • Number of personnel needed to safely pick up and deliver the item(s)
    • Pickup date and delivery ETA
    • Any images of the item(s) in the listing
  • Set a confirmed appointment with both Dealer and Recipient 8 business hours after booking and before the pick up takes place. Have order information available before the call. (Order number and item description)
  • Contact the Dealer within 24 hours of appointment time to confirm scheduled pickup date and time within a window not to exceed four (4) hours
  • Have necessary materials (blankets, padding, strapping and/or bracing) to prevent damage and movement during transit
  • Have necessary paperwork, including BOL to be signed by Dealer at pickup and Buyer at delivery (or electronic BOL)

uShip Pickup Details

At Pickup

  • Confirm order number and item number with the Dealer and with the paperwork
  • Inspect item and note any obvious issues (excess wear, scratches, cracks, stains, damage, etc.)
  • Take pictures at the time of pick up to document item conditions
  • Obtain signature from Dealer
  • Leave a copy of BOL with Dealer

uShip App Pickup Photos

Before Delivery

  • Contact the Customer within 24 hours of appointment time to confirm scheduled pickup date and time within a window not to exceed four (4) hours
  • If an item is damaged in transit, contact the shipper prior to attempting to deliver to the customer

contact customer

At Delivery

  • Obtain signature from customer at delivery
  • If the customer refuses the item, contact the shipper via phone for an immediate response
  • Do not leave the item without an adult signature at the customer’s address. Notify the shipper if the customer instructed you to do so. Any deviations from this process must be approved in advance, in writing
  • Leave a copy of BOL with the customer
  • Take pictures at the time of delivery to document item conditions
  • Email a photo or scan of the signed BOL to the shipper’s email address for funds to be released

uShip App signature

General Terms

  1. Be professional, neat, clean, polite at all times. Dress appropriately, preferably in shirts with company logo clearly indicating that they work for you, or appropriate badging and IDs.

  2. Contact uShip account management and the shipper if you are unable to reach the pickup location or delivery location or if you are going to miss the pickup ETA or delivery ETA.

  3. Carriers should NEVER discuss payment amount or details with those at the pickup or delivery location as they are not responsible for payment. Note: Include Item Value in Special Instructions.