Online Reseller Crankyape Reduces Fleet overhead 50% using uship

High volume of available, quality carriers leads to 30% increase in inventory
Find a Cheaper Shipping Solution

CrankyApe, an online RV, power sport and marine unit reseller, was interested in exploring cheaper shipping options for getting inventory to their regional warehouses. Historically, all inbound and outbound shipments were handled by the company fleet, which carried fixed, ongoing overhead costs in driver salaries, equipment upkeep and truck management.

Try uShip

Tom Grawey, dispatch manager for CrankyApe, was tipped off by his boss to look into uShip after hearing about it on TV. The decision: try uShip for a month-long test. The result: so successful that CrankyApe switched to carriers sourced from uShip full-time.


Reduced Overhead

After developing trusted relationships with reliable carriers, and seeing the cost savings achieved by uShip, CrankyApe cut its company fleet by 50 percent.

Increased Efficiency

Consolidating their shipping primarily on uShip, CrankyApe no longer has to solicit drivers and quotes through online search and sending mass emails.

Inventory Growth

CrankyApe now relies on uShip for 90 percent of their inbound shipping. This has allowed for faster turnaround times on inbound shipments and increased their inventory by 30 percent.