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Car Transport and Delivery



Transporting your car, truck, or van in the UK is easy with uShip. uShip quickly connects you with car transport providers, saving you time and money. Once you’ve listed your car delivery, vehicle transport companies will bid on your listing. You can then talk directly with the couriers about your car delivery and choose to accept or deny their bid if it does not fit your auto transport needs. This gives you control over choosing a car transporter that can best accommodate your delivery’s specific needs. Price, time frame and service level are important to note when comparing potential car couriers.


If you’re curious about what it costs to transport a car, truck, or van you can visit our cost-to-ship section which includes hundreds of completed uShip vehicle deliveries from the United Kingdom and international car deliveries from around the globe.


uShip provides customer written feedback for thousands of car transport providers, making it easy to research each vehicle transporter before you schedule your delivery. Consider their feedback and research more about the couriers on their profile page.


You also want to know what type of car delivery service your vehicle will need. Transporting a used car via car transporter trailer may be the easiest/cheapest option but you certainly wouldn’t want to ship your vintage Porsche that way. An enclosed lorry or covered car transport is a good option to consider for high value or classic car transport.

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