Pickup Hours: Contact seller for availability
Delivery Hours:  Contact buyer for availability



Customers may be contacted between 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
(Based on the customer’s time zone)

*Carriers should not initiate pickup with the seller before first contacting the buyer to confirm a delivery window.


1stDibs Contact Info:

[email protected]


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  • – IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION: 1stdibs requires a mask be worn at pickup and delivery if requested by the seller or buyer.


  • – Proof of delivery must be submitted for quick payment release. This includes: a signed, legible BOL (eBOL when possible), clear photos of pickup location item (all four sides), photos of loaded item secured on truck, and photos of item at drop off location (all four sides). Pictures help us determine if any damage occurred while in transit. NO EXCEPTIONS – these items are always required from the carrier to 1stdibs.


  • – If damage does occur, please note this on the BOL and have the buyer sign as well.


  • – All items must be blanket wrapped (doubled blanket if using thin blankets) and then shrink wrapped around the blankets.


  • – Items must be transported in an enclosed trailer, box truck, or sprinter van. Under NO circumstances may the carrier use a car, station wagon, minivan, horse trailer, or open truck to transport 1stdibs shipments.


  • – Crating may be required. If so, this will be notated under “Additional Information” and in the listing title.


  • – Ensure that contact is made with the buyer and seller 48 hours after booking is confirmed. You must contact the buyer first to confirm a delivery window before contacting the seller to confirm pickup. Under NO circumstances is an item to be retrieved from the seller until a confirmed delivery date has been scheduled with the buyer.


  • – If no contact can be made with the buyer or seller within 48 hours after booking, the carrier is to email 1stdibs for assistance.


  • – If 1stdibs is unable to contact the buyer, booking will be canceled until contact is made and booking can be reassigned.


  • – Carriers are NEVER to leave a delivery at the drop off point without a BOL being signed for as received. If the buyer advises a carrier to drop off an item with no signature, the carrier is to refuse this request. Remember: A BOL must have a legible signature, or payment will not be processed.


  • – Carrier will never request assistance from the buyer or seller in the loading/unloading of any items. This is solely the carrier’s responsibility.


  • – Accessorial fees must be determined when the carrier is scheduling pickup and delivery. If the carrier determines additional fees are required, they are to email 1stdibs with their reasoning prior to making pickup or delivery.

Payment Release

  • – Carrier payment will be released once the shipment has been marked as delivered. Please submit required documents through eBOL process for payments within 24 business hours.


  • – In addition to submitting an eBOL, the carrier must email [email protected] to alert 1stdibs of completed delivery and submitted documents. Failure to notify 1stdibs of delivery will result in a delay in payment.


  • – While 1stdibs prefers the use of eBOL, you may also submit a regular BOL with pictures via email to 1stdibs. Please note that this method could take up to 72 business hours for payment release.


  • – Damages which occurred between pickup and delivery should be noted on the eBOL or BOL and signed by both the carrier and buyer.


  • – A carrier has the right to refuse pickup if they believe an item is damaged. In this scenario, the carrier is required to contact 1stdibs with reasoning as to why the shipment cannot be picked up.


  • – Carriers are never to discuss payment with the pickup or delivery location as they are not responsible for payment. Carriers are never to discuss payment or any financial information at the pickup or delivery locations, since those parties are not responsible for payment.


  • – While gratuities can be accepted by the carrier, they should never be requested.

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